Crashing Into The Past


Still sick my beautiful people :(
It sucks!!!

At times like this, I miss so much having my palace in the sky where I used to just stay there hiding from everyone every time 
I wasn't feeling well, that was my very first SL home and my perfect haven. Now I call home any place I can crash like I did 
in the early days when I started SL. However, back then even though I felt no shame in crashing these places, I still didn't 
really want to intrude on people's privacy, that is why my home preference were always model homes at Antique Artistry 
Victorian Houses to be more exact (unfortunately, the Sim is closed). This allowed me the luxury of changing residence every
week if I wanted to. I can honestly say that I got to live in every single house from that sim including gazebos and 
greenhouses which also qualified as little homes to me.

These houses were often unfurnished but that was fine with me and my friends at the time didn't seem to mind when they 
would visit. I loved giving them tours of my new places feeling proud as if I really was a home owner,
 now I think they probably thought I was crazy.

Nowadays, I am crashing sim's public houses (furnished for everyone to use) and friends homes which are the best 
option for me since I am able to rez my studio there. However, I can't stay put for too long in one place. I need a 
constant change of scenery if you know what I mean.

But going back to my palace in the sky, I sometimes still like rezzing it at sandboxes, 1000ft up in the sky 
and sit by the fountain to remember when Second Life was so much easier. Riyad Rozen sometimes comes 
to mind when I do. He was the one that found the palace for me in the MarketPlace. He knew me well enough 
to know that it would be perfect for me and that I would love it.

I still smile every time when I remember something he once said to me... "Mango, just because I am Egyptian 
doesn't mean I ride a camel wherever I go." , "Duh Riyad, I know that, by the way, where did you park your camel, 
I mean your car?" :P

Anyways, today I just felt like visiting a corner of SL Egypt and in my search I found a list of several choices, all good.
I decided to stay with Egypt, Pharaohs Land at Seven Kingdoms (Moderate) for the sole reason that when I arrived at 
the Sim, I landed in the sky just like my palace used to be and that gave me some sense of comfort believe it or not. ;)

But then again, who hasn't crashed at a friend's home at some point in Second Life, or at a model home or slept in a bed at some furniture store and used the "adult" menu... I mean sleep, just sleep :P or travel around SL on a camel?...

... But speaking of snails...
oh wait, wrong subject (must be the fever), anyways, speaking of snails, yesterday I was feeling better in the 
afternoon so I decided to visit SL for a bit, I made a stop at some sandbox and met a friendly snail from Spain. We 
had a fun talk about movies which I enjoyed and it made me realize that if I can put my shyness aside and give myself 
an opportunity, I can again start to meet wonderful people from around the world like when I used to be social.
Anyways, I asked Alex (the snail)...

Lori Novo: porque caracol? (why a snail?)
Alex: no se (I don't know)

Ahh, Good Answer!

... then my dizziness and weakness returned and I had to say, "Hasta la vista Mr. Snail!"

Thanks For Reading!
~ Lori Novo ~

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Today I want to feature VALENTINA E. a new store/designer that I discovered not too long ago but that I fell in love with immediately just like it happened to me with Boudoir & !gO! many years ago. I remember that when I first visited Valentina E. I fell totally in love with this Jewel Cocktail Dress that I am wearing in these pictures. The dress is no longer available (in-world) store but you can find it at the MarketPlace (Here) and it is available in 4 colors.

You can find Valentina E. at Uber, The Fantasy Collective, Shiny Shabby, FaMESHeD, and Fifty5 Thursdays.

Click Pic For Larger Size

 Skin ~ Enya * Tan ~ WoW Skins & Shapes 
Lips ~ Yasmine Lipstick * Lip 4 (Light Tones) by WoW Skins & Shapes ~ available at Skin Fair Exclusive
Lashes ~ #7 (No Longer Available) ~ Natural Beauty
 Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}
♥ Hair ~ Manon (Brown Diamond ~ D!va
 Eyes ~ Ardent * Clarity (Medium) ~ Ikon Eyes
 Slink ~ Hands & Feet
♥ Jewelry ~ Amely ~ Modern Couture
Dress ~ Jewel Cocktail Dress ~ Valentina E.
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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