Sunny Day At Rosemoor

Exploring Second Life

Hello beautiful world!

Yesterday I woke up feeling like just relaxing and keeping Lori out of the spotlight 
as I've been doing lately in my posts with picture after picture of her. I decided to 
give her the day off and so I decided to do a little exploring. I wanted to spend some 
peaceful time so I began my search for a sim that would offer beautiful scenery, 
solitude, a touch with nature, an ocean breeze... and a peaceful time.

In my search for the perfect spot I came upon,



Rosemoor was what I was looking for and much, much more. 

Rosemoor's biggest surprise for me were the many horses roaming freely 
on the sandy land which visitors can ride either single or as a couple.

But the fun doesn't stop there, scattered all over the place there are many places to sit or snuggle
with your significant other making this beautiful sim ideal for a lovely date. 

Other beautiful attractions that can be attributed to Rosemoor are the "homes"
on this land that have their doors open as a beautiful welcome gesture to all visitors,
not to mention the grassy patches and flower fields that are perfect to take a nice afternoon walk.

Horse resting after a bumper boat ride? Actually not, simply resting on the sand.
However,  bumper boat rides are part of Rosemoor attractions and while you are at it,
why not feed the swans?

With an ocean view like this, watching a sunset from the comfort of this
cozy home's back porch would be the perfect end to any day.

I was really surprised to find a trailer park area in the island,
but why not, it actually adds a different kind of appeal to the scene,
don't you agree?

Another "different kind" of appeal that is part of this beautiful island is an abandoned 
beat-up carnival (located in the northwest part of the island) which serves as a zoo/home where animals roam free.

So there you have it, Rosemoor, a beautiful sim that may not be new to some but that even with time
it doesn't lose its charm.

A little reminder
Please don't forget to show some Linden love during your visit.
All donations are greatly appreciated.

Have a great day! 

Below I have included a much larger size of each picture in this post for better appreciation.
Just click each pic for a better view.

Photographer ~ Lori Novo


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