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Thought I shared with you how my day has gone so far. You'll be shocked of all the excitement I am having :P

CHAPTER 1 : There is Fire in the Air
I just finished eating scrambled eggs mixed with chopped up onions, tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers. This is one of my favorite meals and I can eat it at any time of the day. I especially love it when the peppers are hot enough to make me cough while I am cooking them and then spit fire after I have finished eating. My kids love to eat them too but really hate it while I am cooking them because they can't even breathe with how spicy-hot the air gets in the house. They usually stay in their rooms while I finish preparing this meal, taking Cosette (our cat) with them to protect her from the hazardous fumes of my cooking.

CHAPTER 2: Fireworks Long Gone
Yes, no barbecue for us or nothing special on this day. We don't usually celebrate the Fourth of July in this family but we will step outside our home for a couple of minutes once the fireworks start going off at nighttime to then return back in and watch a movie or something. Don't think we have never been patriotic on this day. When both my kids were small, we would go watch the fireworks display at the next town's high school, always having a hard time finding a good parking space since the streets were so crowded and cars parked everywhere (even sidewalks) to then fighting the traffic after the firework show. We then would go either to eat at a restaurant or go eat barbecue fajitas at my brother's house. Those days are long gone now.

CHAPTER 3: Double Documentary
Other than eating scrambled-spicy egg I also watched a documentary earlier today. I am so into documentaries, it has become like an addiction. It was about twin sisters called "Trapped By My Twin". It was very interesting and sad to see how these sisters are so used to being with each other and yet they are their own worse enemies. Then later I tried watching a documentary about the "Coca-Cola History". Yes, I said I 'tried" because 13 minutes into it I just lost interest. Don't get me wrong, it is an interesting documentary if you are a Coke lover, but I've been off the wagon (Coke-wise) since I was diagnosed with diabetes. Not a wise choice for me to watch... temptations, temptations, TEMPTATIONS! 

CHAPTER 4: The Dumb-Ass, Polite Burglar
Now I am just wondering if our neighborhood burglar will strike again tonight. See, days ago some man tried breaking into our home while WE WERE HERE by kicking open one of our back doors that thankfully was blocked by a heavy box so that only gave him room enough to stick an arm inside.
Then he opened one of the windows in one of the back rooms, but once again, the window only goes so high not leaving space for someone to fit through it unless you are a cat or a bug. But the most shocking thing this man tried to do was pull out an old air conditioner window unit while we are in that room talking and watching TV. Not only that, as he is trying to pull it out, he sees us looking at him through that same window but he doesn't stop. We run outside to stop/trap him and THEN he takes off. Days later he is walking in front of our home casually and dares to stop and say that we had scared him..... ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I don't know what is going through this man's mind but my mom jokingly said that he probably stopped to apologize... and then to let us know that we had scared him, poor thing!

Anyways, both times we called the police but he was able to get away before the police arrived. So yesterday "oops he did it again." He stole my next door's neighbor's new AC that was supposedly well protected by a metal cage. Is this guy Houdini or what? Anyways, if he dares to come back I am waiting for him, well-armed with five baseball bats that will leave him seeing fireworks after I am done with him.

CHAPTER 5: The Fourth of July Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts?
I sure do and always have, but especially since 16 years ago when we first moved into our home... which is very old... HUGE... and served as a small town's hospital back in the 50's. Since we moved here we've often experienced unexplainable things, but really never felt threatened by this. 

I'll have to say that the most excitement for me on this Fourth of July was the visit of a ghost I had earlier today. I decided to go get a drink, and as I am going to the kitchen, I crossed the hall and entered the dining room and see Cosette (our cat) laying on the floor. I stopped to rub her back with my foot but as lazy as she is, she completely ignored me and continued to sleep. So as I am walking away from her, out of the corner of my eye I clearly see someone walking along with me like 5 feet away. She was wearing navy blue shorts and tee and even though I really didn't get to see a face, I sensed it was a female. I stopped and turned in the direction of the vision but it was gone and then I noticed that Cosette too, was looking in that same direction, alert as if someone was there.

Ghosts, robbers and spicy egg, that has been my day so far!
Have a fun and safe Fourth of July my people!!!
Thanks for reading.

Lori Novo


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