Hay Unos Ojos


Hello Second Life!
Starting with a song which is the title of my post, translated into English would be "there are some eyes" 
and I am including the lyrics in English translation for those that don't understand the language... they are truly a poem.

"There are some eyes that if they look at me,
They make my soul shake with love.
There are some charming eyes,
More beautiful eyed I have never seen before.

Ah! Who would see himself in those eyes,
Ah! Who would kiss them more,
Delighting always of their shine
and never forgetting them.
And they all say I don`t love you
because I don`t adore you frenziedly.
And I tell them they lie, they lie
Because I`d even give my life for you."

It is my mariachi music, my mother's music and I grew up listening to it and listening to my mother singing all these beautiful songs 
but especially her favorite "Dos Arbolitos". So today I woke up and looked for my Linda Ronstadt cd "Canciones de Mi Padre"  
(volume one & two) and I've been listening to it all day long. VIVA MEXICO! si señor.

Anyway, I also searched on Youtube other mariachi songs and this Gain add keeps popping up and though I've seen it already 
like 100 times, it never fails to make me LOL big time :P

I am wondering if you all have noticed anything different on me? Mmm look closer... closer ... BOO!
Actually, I finally was brave enough to go under the knife and get complete plastic surgery on my face, 
or in this case (Second Life), I got a new CATWA mesh head! FINALLY, I know, it was about time. My plastic 
surgeon was Dr. Steppenwolf best known as Mr. Wolf or Mr. Pirate. Steppenwolf Crescendo was so kind to "gift" 
me the mesh "Alice" head, what a man I tell you ;)
Thank you so much Step (wink) ♥

Anyways, today when I logged in, the beautiful skin I am wearing now was waiting for me and as soon as I tried 
it on all I could think was "OMG, wow, wow wow!" Now I thought  the word "wow" three times because two were actual 
"Wow so beautiful" and the third one because it is actually from WoW Skins & Shapes, Ms. Sawsan Secretspy's latest creation.


Marked at a special price.
Available in
Blond Eyebrows & No Brows Options
Maitreya Appliers Included
Try Demo!

Also BIG sale on all other appliers and skins going on now with a 50% off.
And the group is still FREE to join so you better hurry up!
[Sale & Free Group Join ends July 15]

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Thanks for reading my beautiful people and have an amazing day!

Mucho love,
Lori Novo

Hair ~ Mouche ~ Analog Dog (Leafy Steams added)
Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Clarity Mesh ~ Ikon   ♥tysm
Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}  ♥tysm
Flickr: Pic One / Pic Two
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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