Hello Second Life,

I am having a beautiful sunny day here in Texas (USA) with a nice gentle breeze and from where I am sitting, 
I can see the trees softly dancing back and forth. It is a beautiful view indeed and it gives me a warm feeling 
of being alive and part of our beautiful world.

The other day I got a nice surprise when one of my SL friends from 5 years ago, unexpectedly IMed me to say hi after all these years. It was Riyad Rozen, from Egypt that out of the blue, suddenly had a "Lori's memory". He thought that probably I had forgotten about him, but I don't forget friends (well maybe sometimes :P) especially those that impacted my Second Life experience in a very meaningful way. Anyways, I was so glad to hear from someone from the past since sadly, friends come and go all the time in Second Life, at least for me they do. Only Polly Reina, Gee, and Steppenwolf Crescendo remain from the friends I had when I started SL over 6 years ago. If I could gather every tear I shed every time a friend is gone, I could fill up an ocean.

Moving on to something else before I start getting too nostalgic! 
Religion and politics are two subjects that I really don't like talking too much about because they are so controversial. However, a religious documentary that I watched recently really opened my eyes. By focusing on the documentary in a more human sense instead of the religious aspect, the documentary made me realize that by better understanding other people's faith and respecting their practices, I can become a better person.

As I've mentioned before, I am really into documentaries and the other day I was watching one called
"Meet The Mormons" which kind of made me view them so differently from how I did before. I was raised in the Catholic faith but to be sincere, I don't practice my religion anymore.  Anyways, the documentary centers around young Mormon men leave their homes for two years to deliver the word of God. We've all seen them, in two's, knocking at doors, our doors and if you are like me, we're not really interested in what they want to share with us. Yes, I admit it I am one of those people that either tries to dismiss them as soon as possible or simply will not open the door.

In this documentary, though, I got to see how hard it is for them when they are away from their families and how truly bad they are treated on a daily basis by many of the people they encounter. It gave me a better appreciation and understanding for what they do. I am not saying that I'll be turning Mormon or any other religion any time soon, but thanks to this documentary I realize that I can be more friendly the next time they come knocking at my door. I especially feel a huge admiration for these young men, or any other religion like Jehovah's Witnesses, etc., for going out there in the name of God, in the cold, rainy or hot weather knowing very well that most of the doors they'll be knocking on, won't be open to them.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people!

Mucho love,
Lori Novo
July Edition / Ends July 24th.

So excited to have one of my sponsors be part of this month's TCF round,

bringing to this round 
which I am wearing today. Pieces are sold separately and both available in 6 colors each with demos available so you can try them on before purchasing. 

Continuing now with a picture gallery of my favorite things from this round, these are just a few because this round comes completed with tons of "favorite things" for everyone. It ranges from poses, fashion, footwear, to home decor, and three of my top favorites, jewelry, hair and hair accessories. These are items that I love to get because I am guaranteed to use them often in future posts. LODE has always been one of my favorite stores for hair accessories, it offers a large variety of beautiful hats and flower pieces for our hair in their main store. For this round, Lode brings to us the Bellflower Collection Headpieces located at the Gacha section, with 10 commons & 2 rares to collect at 50L per play, I want them all! Another one of my sponsors is also participating in this round, Purplemoon Creations bringing the stunning Avery Set (necklace & earrings / texture changing HUD / 5 sets available) for 199L or 899L for the FatPack, wow! If you would like to view the complete gallery for this round, you can hop to Seraphim's blog and check it out.

Hair ~ Memory Bliss  ~ Exile ♥tysm
Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Clarity Mesh ~ Ikon  ♥tysm
Skin ~ Sarah Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop ♥tysm
Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}  ♥tysm
Flickr: Pic One / Pic Two
Location ~ High Water
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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