::C'est la vie !::

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful support from you all before I head to bed. You never cease to surprise me with the response I get every time I write one of my silly posts. The precious time you take to visit me every day is so greatly appreciated. They're been so many times when I am close to quitting, mostly due to health issues. Then, when I am about to say goodbye, I feel your love and support and that dear friend, is more than enough to bring back the strength that my body and my mind need to keep going. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Before I go, let me just share with you one more event for today.


A new event featuring many of our favorite designers and many great new ones.
The event ends July 30th.

I am wearing from this new round
Zelie Dress
by ::C'est la vie !::

You can also pick up this group gift while you there. There is no fee to join the group.

Rinka Bracelet
by Miwa's Airship

See you all there!

Hair ~ Lucia ~ Truth
Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Clarity Mesh ~ Ikon  ♥tysm
Skin ~ Sarah Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop ♥tysm
Beauty Marks ~ Customizable beauty marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {&why}  ♥tysm
Location ~ High Water
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

Once again I have included a picture gallery of some of my favorite things. I think I should start calling it my wish list :P

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