Hello beautiful world!

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than love because it is true that love is the greatest.

And now these three remain: 
Hope and Love. 
But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Can the love that we feel for a man or a woman, be eternal?
I believe it can. Let me give you two examples of this that though both are sad, 
they come to show how a heart can hold eternal love for another person. 

My maternal grandma married, once, and after my grandfather left when she was still very young (mid 20's and with 4 kids) 
she never remarried or loved another man ever again. She remained faithful to her husband til the day she died. Not only 
that, but during her last minutes of life she kept looking at the door, waiting and hoping that he would come to her side to say 
goodbye, but he didn't. My grandma died with the only wish to see her husband's face for one last time. The second example 
is that of my own mother. When my father left her, she was still pregnant with me. My father married a year after they 
separated but my mother kept waiting for him for years. Unlike my grandma, my mother remarried after 10 years. Her
 marriage unfortunately failed, but the thing is that she never, and I mean never said that she had stopped loving my father. 
Everyone knew that he had always been her one and only true love for her. Sad, I know. But this only comes to show that for 
some people, the "I'll love you forever" is true and not just words that we repeat to every man/woman we meet. I wonder, 
are all the women in my family destined to hold one true "eternal" love in their hearts and die without them by their side? 
Still, love is the greatest!

Thanks for reading my beautiful people,

Much love,
- Lori Novo

~ Alejandro Patr├│n ~

Song Lyrics Translated
I adore the street in which we saw each other
And the night when we met
I adore the things you tell me
And our happy moments
I adore them all, my love
I adore the way you smile
And the way you scold me sometimes
I adore the silk that are your hands
And the kisses we give each other
I adore them all, my love
And I'm dying to have you next to me
Close, really close to me
Not to part with you
Because you're my existence, my sensations
You're my moon, you're my sun
You're my love night
I adore the radiance of your eyes
And the sweetness that exists on your red lips
I adore the way in which you sigh
And even when you walk
I adore you, my love
I, I adore you, my love
I, I adore you, love, my love

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