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~ Wolf Larsen ~

“Imagine you come upon a house painted brown. 
What color would you say the house was?"
"Why brown, of course."
"But what if I came upon it from the other side,
 and found it to be white?"
"That would be absurd. 
Who would paint a house two colors?"
He ignored my question. 
"You say it's brown, and I say it's white. 
Who's right?"
"We're both right."
"Non," he said. "We're both wrong. 
The house isn't brown or white. 
It's both. 
You and I only see one side. 
But that doesn't mean the other side doesn't exist. 
To not see the whole is to not see the truth.” 
― Megan ChanceThe Spiritualist

Wearing NEW From


Standard Sizes / Slink Physique & Hourglass / Maitreya Lara / Demo Available

♥ Head ~ Catwa
♥ Body ~ Maitreya Lara
♥ Skin ~ Chayenne Skin * Cotton Tone [Catwa appliers] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Lips ~ Sarah lipstick [#3] Catwa Applier ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Eye Liner ~ Eyeliner * CATWA Applier ~ teapi
♥ Brows ~ Arched Eyebrows [CATWA Applier] ~ L'Etre Skin Shop
♥ Beauty Marks ~ Customizable Beauty Marks A [mesh] V1.1 ~ {why}
♥ Neck Mole ~ Mesh Beauty Mole ~ DeeTaleZ
♥ Eyes ~ Charm Eyes * Wright [mesh] ~ Ikon
♥ Hairbase ~ Baby Hair Hairbase [Catwa] ~ L'Etre    
♥ Hair ~ Memory Bliss  ~ Exile
Umbrella ~ Hatrella - Ladybug ~ Dead Dollz
Pose ~Anna 04 ~ Eternal Dream Poses
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

“Still, one can be honest yet quite mistaken.” ― Criss JamiHealology
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Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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