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"and you don't even know who I am... you left me a long time ago"

~ Patty Loveless ~

“When you left 
you left behind a field
of silent flowers 
under a sky 
full of unstirred left 
a million butterflies
mid-silky flutters 

You left like midnight rain 
against my dreaming ears 

Oh and how you left 
leaving my coffee scentless 
and my couch comfortless 

leaving upon my fingers 
the melting snow of you 

you left behind 
a calendar full of empty days 
and seasons full of aimless wanders 

leaving me alone 
with an armful of sunsets 

your reflection behind 
in every puddle 
your whispers
upon every curtain 
your fragrance
inside every petal 

you left your echoes in between 
the silence of my eyes 

Oh and how you left
leaving my sands footless 
and my shores songless 

leaving me with windows full of 
moistened moonlight 

nights and nights
of only a half-warmed soul 

and when you left... 
you left behind a lifetime 
of moments untouched 

the light of a million stars

and when you left 
you somehow
left my poem...unfinished. 

(Published in Taj Mahal Review Vol.11
Number 1 June 2012)” 
― Sanober Khan

Nani Set
by Meva for Cosmopolitan Room (ends Sep. 23 / gallery)

Set Includes: Necklace - Earrings - Bangles - Unrigged Rings - Maitreya Lara Bento Rings
4 Options Available

Lips ~  Raspberry Lipgloss 1 (Sweet Berry Gacha / View Here) ~ Sintiklia
Hair ~ Jocelyn (Bento) View Here ~ Sintiklia
Hat ~ Traveler Hat ~ Saga @ Aqua Event (ends Sep. 24 / gallery)
Eyes ~ Real Eyes (#45) ~  L'Etre
Top ~ Janna Top ~ WellMade
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo
WLS: Hospital Light 01

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Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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