Entice @ Cosmoploitan Room

“And stay, my dear - stay... forever, as my quiet song, in my lilac dawn.” 
― Sanober KhanA Thousand Flamingos

“Holding up an oil-paper umbrella,
I loiter aimlessly in the long, long
And lonely rainy alley,
I hope to encounter
A lilac-like girl
Nursing her resentment
A lilac-like color she has
A lilac-like fragrance,
A lilac-like sadness,
Melancholy in the rain,
Sorrowful and uncertain;
She loiters aimlessly in this lonely rainy alley
Holding up an oil-paper umbrella
Just like me
And just like me
Walks silently,
Apathetic, sad and disconsolate
Silently she moves closer
Moves closer and casts
A sigh-like glance
She glides by
Like a dream
Hazy and confused like a dream
As in a dream she glides past
Like a lilac spray,
This girl glides past beside me;
She silently moves away, moves away
Up to the broken-down bamboo fence,
To the end of the rainy alley.
In the rains sad song,
Her color vanishes
Her fragrance diffuses,
Even her
Sigh-like glance,
Lilac-like discontent
Holding up an oil-paper umbrella, alone
Aimlessly walking in the long, long
And lonely rainy alley,
I wish for
A lilac-like girl
Nursing her resentment glide by.” 

I'm Real Dress
by Entice for Cosmopolitan Room (ends Sep. 23 / gallery)

8 Colors Available / Maitreya - Slink Hourglass - Belleza Freya 
199L each / Fatpack (Includes 2 Extra Colors) 599L / Demo Available

Lip Color ~ Shimmery Chic Lipstick ~ !IT! @ Makeover Room (ends Sep. 26)
Hair ~ Pearlescent ~ Rezology
Flowers ~ Crocus Crown (violet) Gacha ~ Lode
Jewelry ~ Federica Set (Purple) ~ Bauahus Movement
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo
WLS: Hospital Light 01

Thanks for your visit my beautiful people!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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