PurpleMoon Creations @ On9 Event (October Edition)

All the things I've lost on you...

~ LP ~

 ...she seems to get lost between the moonlight and the rising sun. 
just as she gets lost between the understanding of who she is and who she longs to be….
she has to choose whether to be disappointed at words thought meant for her 
while deciphering the actions between them... 
nouns you know are the easy words to pronounce…
the verbs are the actions.
she either chooses to accept what she feels she should…
when what she will learn is that she will begin to only accept 
the ones she truly deserves… 

by PurpleMoon Creations for On9 Event (ends Oct. 28 / gallery)

Mesh Sweater & Trousers / 4 Options Available
Maitreya / Venus / Isis / Freya /  Physique / Hourglass
Demo Available

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Hair ~ Anna ~ Entwined
Hat ~ Traveler Hat ~ Saga
Pose ~ Prada 1 ~ ProPose
Photographer ~ Lori Novo

Thanks for your visit my beautiful people!
Mucho love,
Lori Novo

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