Milla Rasmuson @ 68MAIN Event (November Edition)

Just simply being me...

~ Lady Gaga ~

“So now it’s this thing I do.
I go away, ever so often, by myself, for myself,
to new places with foreign streets I haven’t walked yet,
and there I wander, up and down, watching people going places I don’t know
and it always hits me that they’re never alone,
always with someone,
and I wonder how they would spend a day all on their own 
in a foreign city with nothing to do and no one to see,
and I wonder if they’d be happy.
Just simply being free,
like I am trying to be.
Just simply being me.” 

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Runs from the 9th to the 31st. of each month

Dristi Eye Makeup

Catwa Applier / HUD 8 Colors / Demo Available

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Hair *NEW ~ Amal ~ Bad Hair Day
Lip Color *NEW ~ Soft & Sweet Lipstick ~ !IT! The Makeover Room (ends Nov. 26)
Collar *NEW ~ Madam Gacha (Collar Rose) RARE ~ shanghai @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (ends Dec. 6 / gallery)
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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