Friday, March 11, 2016

Beyond The Sunset

She sat quietly swinging her bare feet back and forth as the warm breeze played gently with her long, 
tangled brown hair. Her eyes set on the sunset as it slowly said goodbye to the day. She begin to wonder 
what was beyond the sun, the clouds and the ocean and wished her eyes could travel that far. She smiled 
as she felt the tender tickles of the grass as it touched her feet. It was the same grass she loved so much 
to lay down on and look up at the clouds. 

She continued to swing quietly not daring to interrupt the peace of the ending day. A fallen leaf sliding
down through her cheek and landing on her hand reminded her of her love. Its gentle touch was very 
similar to his loving caresses. In the moment, all memories of him stirred up in her heart reminding her 
of the time when he was still there, on that very same swing where in his arms they would watch sunsets 
together every afternoon. No longer would she hear his soft whispers telling her how much he loved 
her, the only whispers left where those of the tree that with the sound of its moving leaves assured 
her that everything would be okay.

Yes, she missed him! She missed him with all her heart and being and wondered if sometime today 
he had thought of her too as she did for him every day. She continued to watch on the horizon, her 
eyes locked on what was left of that day's sunset and wondered what was beyond the sun, the clouds and 
the ocean and wished her eyes could travel that far so she could see her love's smile one once again.

Thanks For Reading!

~ Lori Novo ~

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