The Seven Doors


There were seven doors, 
each leading to a different world...
A different feeling with a different ending.
As she opened the first six, she noticed that they were wide and inviting and easy to open.
And then, there was only one, the seventh door, that was locked and required a key.

The ones that were easy to be opened remained wide opened once she turned the knob.
But for some reason, the one that required the key was the only one that interested her.
She sensed that inside she would find greater treasures that any of the others could keep inside.
She looked around for a key that would open this special door.
Hours passed, then days, then months.
Her search for the key took her across the oceans,
to the highest mountains' tops,
and to the deserts and deepest woods.
She searched high and low in the world, from dawn to dust, never giving up hope that she would find the key someday.
Suddenly a gentle voice inside her spoke to her...

"You fool, the key is in your heart!"

She closed her eyes and found the key right in the middle of her heart where all emotions are born.
She returned to the locked seventh door and opened it.

Hello beautiful world!

My story today was inspired by the seven doors in my home's hall. There are actually nine doors if you count the two French doors as two. I have been living in the same house for over 16 years and until now, I realized that there are too many doors in the hall. Each opens to different rooms; my daughters bedroom, dining room, guest room, etc. and behind each door lays memories of so many happy  moments. Some doors are kept closed while others I keep wide open at all times. None of my doors required a key to be opened. They are always ready to welcome anyone that wants to enter any of these rooms.

Looking at them I was in a way amazed by their beauty. Yes, doors can be beautiful too.
Not solely for their structure, but for what they keep inside.

The key is in our hearts.
This special kind of key is what allows us to open doors in life.
The key is created by our feelings.
Feelings of forgiveness, kindness and love will open doors to peace and happiness.
Feelings of hate, greed, dishonesty and pride can and WILL only open doors for a life of self-destruction, 
because at the end, what we do to others, will end up hurting us the most in the long run.

Thanks For Reading!

~ Lori Novo ~

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Location ~ Grace Island
Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo

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