Baby Come Back!

Hello beautiful world!

Running a fever and feeling weak again since last night, gosh feeling sick really sucks! >:(
Anyways, I'll make this post short.

I have been feeling nostalgic lately remembering all those wonderful friends I had when I started Second Life...
Poppy Ghostraven (my first SL sister), Kuro Okami, Gaby, Andy... and so on. 
I have been reading my early posts from this blog these past days and it has brought so many 
beautiful memories that now, I wish I had them back in my life again. It is sad how people 
just fall apart after being so closed.

By reading my posts I noticed that in almost 6 years of being in Second Life, my group 
of friends, unfortunately, has changed 3 times. It would be ideal if my group of friends would 
just keep growing instead of changing, sad I tell you. Only GeeAnn, Polly Reina and Grubby remain 
from the very first group. For those of you that don't know, Grubby was my first SL crush :P and Gee is a 
true artist in SL that has her own gallery (I think she still does:P), and the beautiful Polly Reina 
from Tempura Island.

The rest, have either moved on to other things in SL or have just left SL for good.

And as I mention in one of my earlier posts...

"I’ve lost  friends that were very dear to my heart. No one will ever replace them. 
However I’ve been blessed by the grace of God with new wonderful friends that 
have come to brighten my days and my only wish is to see our friendships grow and 
grow every day. New friends are not meant to replace old ones. You can’t 
replace or divide your love among your friends. The thing to do is multiply the 
love you feel for them and cherish them equally."

Thanks For Reading!
~ Lori Novo ~

This tune goes out to all the ones that are gone, but hopefully not for long.
"I'm coming back to find you!"


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  1. Lovely as always Lori. Such a Parisian enigmatic look you created here. Hope you get better soon!

  2. Tysm Mrs Poulet, always my pleasure <3