FIFTY5 THURSDAY: RadEX & Castle Rock


Hello beautiful world!
Today I began to sail on an extended voyage, across the oceans and ponds in search for the Humans of Second Life.

As I mentioned yesterday, I been reading some of my blog posts
from when I started blogging for Second Life and realized 
that approximately 80% were based on the friends I made and the
people I would meet every day. Here are a few examples,

GEEGOO... boy or girl?

A Rose From nyn

Honestly, I miss all that! I miss the wonderful interaction I used to have with people that I would meet ever day while exploring Second Life's 
beautiful sims. This longing for human contact made me realize that those times were probably the most beautiful in my blog's history. 

My daughter some time ago shared with me Humans of New York blog that she loved to read. I too fell in love with the blog and its beautiful concept. The writer of this vibrant blog would take pictures of random people on New York's streets, collecting quotes or short stories taken 
from his talks with them and then sharing this with his readers. I believe he is now featuring Humans in another part of the world... Iran I believe.

Anyways, it kind of reminded me of a little section I once used to have in my blog called The Beautiful People, here are two examples for you,

The Beautiful People ... Etrad

The Beautiful People ... Leven Serendipity

Now, I want once again to start featuring the people I meet

while visiting different locations during the week. However, this

time, I am not only looking to sharing just their Second Life with

you but to dig a little deeper into their heart and get to know the

real human behind the Avi as well. We'll see what happens.

Thanks For Reading!

~ Lori Novo ~


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