To Feel Her Hug and See her Beautiful Smile Again

I waited anxiously by my front screen door, looking out constantly,
I really couldn't wait.
My heart was beating fast and I couldn't stop smiling,
today was the day that he was bringing her to me.
He had not the previous time he came to visit and I had felt so disappointed.
I had gotten so sad and somehow angry at him because he knew how much I needed
 to see her and to feel her hug and see her beautiful smile once again... he knew.
So he had promised that "next time" he would.

Waiting for them by my front screen door, I kept counting the minutes.
And I wondered, more like worried. if he would truly keep his promise to me.
"He has to!" I kept repeating to myself because he already knows how much I need
to feel her hug and see her beautiful smile once again... he knows.

Suddenly, there it was!
My brother's white pickup truck parked in front of my house
I looked out searching for her.
The passenger door opened and she stepped out.
And I cried, oh Lord I cried and smiled,
and I ran.. I ran to her so fast.
And I hugged her so tight and my tears kept falling down.
I was so happy
to feel my mother's hug and see her beautiful smile once again...

-My Dream Last Night

My mother passed away almost two years ago.
It still feels like it just happened yesterday and I still get very sad and angry at times.
I wish time could go back and I could get a second chance to be with her.
But there are no second chances in life for this. Whatever we did, or didn't do for our
loved ones once they are gone will be something that we will carry with us forever.

So even if just in a dream I get to see my mother's beautiful smile and feel her hug again,
I feel happy because I will always need her.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people.
Mucho Amor,
Lori Novo

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