Windows To The Soul

Hello Beautiful World!

While working on this blog post, editing all the pictures below of all the different eye colors, I realized
how much I truly love working with this particular item. They say the eyes are the windows to our souls
and I honestly believe that to be true. You can tell much about a person just by looking into their eyes,
or at least I know I can. You know how they say some people know how to read body language or tones
of voice, well, for me, it is the eyes that give it away, many times I can tell if a person is being honest
or hiding something from me if I keep eye contact with them while we talk, call it a superpower if you
will. ;) Too bad this little power of mine doesn't work in Second Life since I can't really look into the
eyes of the people I talk to and so I have to rely on the things they say and their behavior. Funny how
many times these two things don't match, they say one thing but then their actions say another.

So the eyes can be the windows to our souls in real life but in Second Life I consider them beautiful face jewels. 
I am now starting to change my eyes more often unlike in past years that I would get stuck with one
pair that I liked and it would take me years to change it to another new pair. But now, when I am checking
out complete collections of a designer's eyes, I get so excited and wish I could blog every single
pair of new eyes that I get but that would be just too much since every eye packs that I get contain
at least ten new pairs. I think I could very easily become an eye blogger featuring all eye designers in Second 
Life and all their beautiful eye collections as long as they are available for Catwa heads and not BOM or HD. :P

Take care of each other my beautiful people!
Much Love,
Lori Novo

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Maitreya Mesh Body
Model & Photographer Lori Novo
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My Lotus Inventory ● Designer Ana Maria Njohr

Sintiklia - Hair Talia

Sintiklia - Hair Talia  (Earring Bonus)

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