A New Second Life?


Dear Second Life,

Can you possibly get any better than what you already are?
According to Linden Labs, you can and will in the future,
the next generation of Second Life virtual world is being worked on as we speak,
but don't worry, you will  continue to live on after your sister surfaces on the web.

She promises her users the power to go far beyond in creating anything imaginable.
Don't I have that already with you?
Peter Gray (Linden Lab spokesman) tells a different story,

according to the plan, the next generation promises to be the best ever in virtual worlds.

Now, this may take years to happen I assume, and I wonder,
If I get to see it in my Second Lifetime, will I move on to the new promising virtual world
or remain in this one?
I am one to plant her roots deep and strong so change does make me a little uneasy but sometimes my
curiosity takes the best of me.
I also wonder if this virtual world I reside on will start losing users once the new promised land (virtual world) appears
and how much the population will drop when this happens?

So much uncertainty for now that the only thing that remains to do
is to wait and see what my Second Life future holds.


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