Sunflowers On a Sunny Spring Day

"'Cause I know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.
Here I go again on my own,
Goin' down the only road I've known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.
An' I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time.
Here I go again on my own..."
-Sing Lyrics

I find myself once again with a very short list of friends, but for now, I don't mind this much.
While I love people and having friends, there are other periods of times when I get the need
to walk alone, I have always loved my solitude for some reason. This is not only in Second
Life, but in real life as well.

Now there is nothing wrong with having a short list of friends. I rather have two, to five
real good friends that I feel a strong connection with, then to have an endless list of names 
of people that I rarely talk to if not never. Seriously, last time I checked my list 
I came upon some names that, to be honest with you, I had no idea who they were until I 
checked their profiles and realized that the only time we had spoken to
each other was the day we met, but never again.

One of the names in my short list is, of course, my Steppenwolf... Numero Uno!
but he is not really my friend, he is actually my SUPER friend, my husband, and partner, 
my everything so he doesn't count :P I got to say, Geo comes in second at the moment because
even though I am always, and I mean always busy, he is the one I talk to the most after
my Steppenwolf. Geo actually adopted me as one of his Second Life sisters.
I will introduce him to you in a later blog post and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you 
recognize him since he is also a fashion blogger.

Since I started Second Life over eight years ago, I noticed that there has been three different
periods/rounds of group of friends. The first period/round was on the year 2011 which was 
the year I joined Second Life. At the beginning of my journey, my intention was to stay a loner, 
but right away beautiful friendships just started blooming like sunflowers in a field on a spring 
sunny day, and yes, I am a sucker for flowers... and spring... and sunny days too :P
So my list of friends grew and grew overnight.

I have been spending time reading all my blog posts from the year 2011 and I have smiled 
so much and laughed and cried. The memories from that year are just so special to me and I 
can honestly say, that each one of those friends left a very special gift in my heart that I will
cherish forever.

Reading each article made me missed them and the times we shared together.  Not long ago 
I tried contacting some of them but none responded back. I did notice however 
that their profiles seemed to be inactive or blank which can only mean that
they left Second Life. It is not as if they left me or I left them, we simply drifted apart.

Though I missed them all, 
there are some friend that I really wish I could have back into my life from that time...
Lucy, my homegirl that always made me laugh.
Poppy, my first Second Life sister and with whom I shared so much.
and Andy, truly one of my best friends ever.
But any, really, any of them would be so wonderful to see again.

Now I keep myself busy (blog related) at all times when I am in Second Life and
sadly, I have a hard time letting anyone get too close to me for now. I prefer to keep a distance
so not to get too attached to anyone like I used to do before so easily. But who knows, maybe
one day I'll wake up feeling ready for round four and you'll see me again collecting sunflowers 
on a sunny Spring day.

Thanks for reading my beautiful people
and have a most amazing Friday in the company of all your loved ones.
Mucho Amor,
Lori Novo

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