A New Beginning

This Blog Was Created For Me by My Daughter.
Thank you so much baby girl.

A New Beginning

Hello, I am Lori Novo. 
I am from the United States of America from the beautiful state of Texas.

I have been blogging for a while about Ameba Pico in my Pico Perfect Blog 
where I am known as Sweets*. 

My blogging journey started about a year ago when Catero Revolution 
invited me to write with him in his PicoStyle blog
I enjoyed the experience with him so much that I soon decided to create my own Pico blog :)

I decided to begin a Second Life blog more like a personal collection of memories 
for myself. 

I have been exploring some beautiful places and meeting very wonderful people 
along the way that I just felt the need to start a journal with many attached photos, 
of course, of these very special virtual moments.

Initially, I was thinking of creating this a private blog. 

However, my daughter encouraged me to make it public and have my friends see 
what is going on in my Second Life. Now that I think about it, 
sharing it with you is a wonderful idea. I have seen many SL blogs 
and they are truly amazing! My dream is to one day be at least half as good as those SL bloggers. 
Maybe with a lot of love and dedication, I will ;)

Let the journey begin...

Hair ~ TRUTH ~ Mariposa
Dress !  Zaraa ~ Mrinali *Sunshine*
Photo Location ~ Fire Beach

Model & Photographer ~ Lori Novo