A Rare Beauty & Poppy's Paradise

Beauty definitely comes in all shapes and sizes,
and when it comes to my new friend Poppy Ghostraven, also in styles.

While taking some photos at "Fatimas Victorian Houses", 
I noticed in the distance the shape of a person making her way down the white brick
pathway towards me. Since she seemed too far away, I continued with my work 
and for a moment there, I forgot I wasn't alone in this area.

"Hi, isn't this a beautiful place?", 
she says when she finally had reached me. As I turned to return the hello, 
I was shocked by the looks of this "beautiful and interesting " girl. 
Right away I noticed her colorful flowery tattoos and her huge expressive eyes."Yes, it is
definitely beautiful, it's my favorite place in SL", I replied.

We stood there surrounded by the breathtaking Victorian scenery. 
Somehow she seemed to out stand with her rare looks, 
her beautifully peculiar and festive Avi made a beautiful contrast 
with the surroundings adding a touch of mystery to the area.

Our chat continued for an extended period of time and with every minute, 
I found myself more and more fascinated by this being.

Poppy Ghostraven and I may look very different and you may assume we have nothing 
in common, however, we both share our love for Victorian architecture. 
She actually was there looking for a house to buy. After we got to know each other better, 
she sent me a friend request, once I accepted it, she promised to invite me over 
to her new home as soon as she would get it.

Sharing the love for Victorian architecture may be the only thing we have in common. There
are many things we are different about, she appreciates the dark and Gothic and likes to visit
the dark corners of Second Life, as her profile says. I, on the other hand, appreciate the
sweet and my favorite places to visit are those that are filled with light.

Still, with all our differences, I found in Poppy Ghostraven, 
one of the sweetest and most friendly people in Second Life.


Poppy's Paradise
June 30

A promise kept indeed. 
The other day I was so happy when my dear friend Poppy Ghostraven 
invited me to go see her new home. She was waiting for me by the main entrance to this beautiful
Victorian architecture. The land she purchased to place her house has the most wonderful views 
in any direction you look. There are beautiful hills and waterfalls with the ocean right 
in front of the property.



It all started with a hello…

I was standing there barefoot and wearing a fairy costume while staring at the long wall 
of “Belleza” skins in front of me. I was sad and confused and feeling extremely angry at myself. 
“How could I have lost it, my precious skin”, was all I could think. 
I had searched over a dozen times my inventory list and I couldn’t find the skin 
that Catero had given to me. I looked at the prices for a new skin and I realized 
it would take me a while before I could afford a new one, but that was beside the point, 
my sadness wasn’t necessarily for the skin itself. It was because my good friend 
had given it to me and I had so carelessly lost it.

“Hi”, I gathered the courage to answer back to this stranger that had interrupted me 
with an IM from my moment of sadness. He continued to say that my Avi was lovely, 
and all I could think was if he was being serious or joking. How could I possibly
 look lovely if my hair was messy, I had forgotten to put shoes on and the fairy costume 
that I was wearing had been a “free” item that looked more like a drawing 
on me than clothes, but worst of all I had the word "DEMO" written across
 my forehead and chest. Yes, I was wearing a demo skin, that was all I could find 
in my inventory.

After we chatted for a while and I explained my situation to him, he somehow 
was able to sense how sad I really was and tried to help me find my skin. 
He guided me through my inventory and carefully I searched for it once again.
Unfortunately, my skin was gone and that is when he very kindly offered 
to buy me a new one. He said he wanted to give me a small measure of happiness. 
But how could I accept? This was a stranger, sweet, but still a stranger and the skin
was too expensive. He insisted and said to see it as a random act of kindness 
and all he asked in return was the promise that I would do the same by helping 
someone else with an act of kindness as he was doing with me.

My new skin

I accepted and asked him to be the one to choose the skin for me. 
He gladly accepted and continued to search the store for the perfect one. 
He asked me if I was ok with having freckles, I answered yes and after carefully 
searching the store, he showed me his three top picks and asked me which one 
I liked the best. Once I made my choice he let me know that was his favorite too. 
We were both very pleased when I put it on and before I left the Belleza store,
he sent me a friend request. I accepted knowing that I was letting into my life 
a kind and sweet man.

Lori Novo and Grubby

Now Grubby and I are very good friends. My dear friend recently bought 
a beautiful island and since he knows how much I love dancing, 
he is setting up a dance floor there just for us. I'd spent wonderful moments 
resting by his side in the solitude of this place. His island is private and only 
a few of us are able to visit it. I am very much honored that he has included me in this
special list of friends. Grubby makes me feel very special and I feel safe with him. 
I never thought I could trust anyone here in SL, but since the first time I met him 
that day at Belleza store which he sees as “ fate”, this amazing sweet man truly 
earned my trust and my respect.

I’ve lost a friend that was very dear to my heart. No one will ever replace him. 
However, I’ve been blessed by the grace of God with a new wonderful friend 
that has come to brighten my days and my only wish is to see our friendship 
grow and grow every day. New friends are not meant to replace old ones. 
You can’t replace or divide your love among your friends. 
The thing to do is multiply the love you feel for them and cherish them equally.

Grubby, thank you for everything, super love you <3

Charleston Belle

Photo Location: Pink Pearl Designs, Charleston Belle - Moderate - Flickr

What's a girl to do when she is feeling the blues BUT fortunately, 
she's got L$ in her account? Well... treat herself to a new dress, new shoes and new hair,
OH! and also to new friends.

That is exactly what I did earlier today when for some reason I was feeling a little down. 
Now shopping did help a little, I am going to be honest with you, 
I am starting to enjoy waaay too much shopping in Second Life 
but then who can blame me, there are
 hundredths of shops EVERYWHERE!!!
The only thing I don't like about "this" shopping thing is, 
I don't want to become so materialistic and frivolous and start trying 
and cheer myself up with meaningless things. Instead, 
I should read a comic magazine or eat Rocky Road ice cream with a fork :P

PHOTO LOCATION: Latin Lace Ballroom, South Charleston - Moderate   -  Flickr

I have to admit it, though my new dress is WOW!!! :O 
I am seeing a side of me I didn't know I had. In reality, I am very conservative but now 
the "sexy momma" is seriously surfacing BIG TIME. Then again, 
we would have to blame Second Life for this, most of their clothes are very sexy ;)

Dress: B! Fashion- Capriccio- Cocktail DressL $600
Hair: TRUTH- MenaL $250
Shoes: Viola (Free)

Yes, the hair is from my favorite hair designer Truth Hawks 
and if you noticed my shoes were FREE!!!
Many Second Life shops offer free items to their clientele. Lucky for us ;)

But I got to say, the thing that really cheered me up was making two new friends 
in the most remote places. While I was at TRUTH's store looking for hair, 
I met JustSaying, LOL, that is his name. From there we went to Tirion Forest  
and together with my good friend Lucinda the three of us danced over the clear waters.
Before I left this beautiful fairyland I made a fairy friend that goes by the name of Maralee Greenwood.

PHOTO LOCATION: Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom- Southern Charm and elegance, Charleston Belle - Moderate

If you know me by now, you must know that I couldn't end the night 
without going to shake what was left of the blues that had been following 
me through the day like a dark cloud. So, I looked for a place to go dancing 
and found a wonderful ballroom with some very friendly people that immediately 
welcomed me and made me feel at home. DJ OZ was so attentive that he kept 
checking on me to see if I was having fun or had any requests for him. 
Before leaving, ever single person said goodbye to me, every single one. That 
really makes me want to go back, but next time I'll make sure I take a dancing partner ;)

Bonjour & Quote

I have been spending the last two days in France, that is in Second Life "France"... LOL :P
I got to tell you, it is absolutely fantastique! I have been finding the most amazing things in
every corner I turn. The streets are filled with shops and breathtaking resting areas. At one 
point I even got to see the icy mountains in the distance when I noticed skiers having the 
time of their lives.

The French area seems to keep growing and growing with every step I take. It is well
populated by fashionable people that at one point I started feeling underdressed but luckily
 for me, Coco and Co. (Channel) was having a 50% off on some selected items and I was
able to purchase a beautiful Rose-Dress and the perfect Channel shoes to go with it.

I have already added this area to my favorites and I am planning on spending more time 
here. However, I must learn at least some French now so I can be able to communicate with
the locals. They seem very friendly and I would like to maybe make some new friends. :)

There is something I would like to share with you.
I have found a store for your 3D Avatars where everything is L$1 or free... yes you heard me right
... FREE!!! I estimated over 50 items for men and women. From shoes, hair, clothes to poses and
much more. I do not have a #D Avatar but I was very tempted and got a few free items for myself
to see how they would look on me, and I got to tell you, they look "pretty nice" ;)

You can find all these free items in the THEATRE, FRANCE3D.
The shop is right next to it in the same building.

BTW; Coco & Co. also has six free gifts right now for us on the second floor.
Two beautiful handbags and four beautiful outfits.

Hair: Amacci Milena 2
Clothes: RevengE  - French Girl Outfit
Location: France 3D Marseille - Mer Port Marina - Moderate


Quote Of the Day
June 9, 2011


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, 
a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, 
or the smallest act of caring, 
all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

- Leo Buscaglia

Photo Location: *Pipins*, Eternalis - Moderate

All Work and No PLay

I have been visiting many amazing places in Second Life but never did I imagined I would find
by a stroke of luck one of the most interesting places ever for me. I am talking about the "scene" 
from my favorite psychological horror film "The Shining" starring Jack Nicholson,  Shelly Duvall,
and Danny Lloyd (1980).

"Come and play with us Lori Novo, forever and ever and ever."
That is what the caretaker's twin daughters said to me when they saw me walk into the
hallway of the Overlook Hotel.

This scary hallway is available at the
for L$399.

"All work and no play makes Jack Lori Novo a dull boy girl."

Hair: Truth - Mini
Pants & Top: G&N Quality Design - Tanya Pant Set
Location: GrimWork Castle - Horror Haunted Medieval Halloween
Amity Island - General

Love Is Bestowed

"Love is always bestowed as a gift freely,
willingly and without expectations.
We don't love to be loved;
we love to love."

-Leo Buscaglia

Hair with Hat: Exile - Maureen
Clothes: (RevengE) - Underground Outfit
Pose: Serenade Basic - Female Pose 06
Location: Island Moya - Moya Franch Artist - Art Contemporain


Quote Of the Day
June 7, 2011

We must overcome the notion that we must be regular.
It robs you of your chance to be extraordinary.

-Uta Hagen

Sweet Music

The sweetest music for the human ear to listen to is not only the melody from an instrument but the
loving words from our loved ones. Their loving words are the perfect musical notes to soothe our
ears and especially to touch our hearts.

How many times after someone tells us "I love you" or "You are wonderful", we keep playing 
over and over those words in our minds. We close our eyes and try to go back to those moments
and replay their words, just like our favorite song.

That is why we must be careful with the notes we use to create our melody. 
Make music of love that will fill someone with joy and hope. Don't use negative notes
to compose your song, that will only hurt someone's ears, but especially their hearts.

Let's walk in the world composing only sweet music. <333

Hair: Truth - Kalia
Dress: Lil's - Flirty
Location: Avilion Calenemyn - Private Estate

The Little One

Who says there are no children in Second Life?
For what I know, there are none, that is in reality. Second Life is a virtual world for adults only.
However, I was overly excited when I bumped into adorable little Ludmila Blackheart. :)

She was alone, standing by a huge red thumbtack when I saw her. When she saw me walking
towards her, she immediately greeted me with a "Hola!", that is Spanish for "hi"
While we were chatting, in Spanish of course, she kept playing around and never left my side.
I was very touched just by seeing her, she reminded me so much of my dear Picos who I
love with all my heart. <3

Hair: Truth - Kalia
Dress: Lil's - Flirty

The Magic Forrest

Sometimes when we don't listen to our fears and dare to wander off exploring unknown places,
we can discover things that live hidden from the world. This is what happened to me 
as I got lost in "The Magic Forest" a few days ago.

As I ventured curiously deep into the green trees, where the grass covers completely the land,
and multi-colored flowers peek through the branches, I discovered a magical world where
fairies chase butterflies and bathe in the rays of sunshine. Now, these fairies have built their
homes on this land and they are very protective of them. You can see their little mushroom
homes scattered all around and notice how through the small windows, each one is brightly lit.

After the long way up the mountain, where this special place can be found, I needed a rest and
carelessly sat on one of these fairies houses. Tink, the homeowner soon whispered to me,
"Hey! get off my house! =("
Feeling ashamed, I immediately stood up as I heard Tink's whisper once again saying,
"It's about time ... and stay off!"

After seeing how upset this poor fairy was, I apologized and continued with my walk.
I could hear a howling in the distance and stumbled on a few snakes on my way. However,
this didn't stop me, though I was a little scared. I was determined to ignore my fears and see
what other wonderful things I would find.

I noticed there was a fairy different from all the rest. She was the "Water Fairy" and lived in a
sparkling bubble. she stands by the Fantasy Fairy Mushrooms, Where humans can think and
relax, drink refreshing water and even bathe in a crystal clear water that they hold.

Through my walk among their land, I noticed crystal clear spheres floating in the air. 
As I clicked on some of them, I discovered they were for sitting down. Each provided a
 different pose for our avatar. 

Surprisingly I also discovered in this magical area a picnic blanket fixed up with soft pillows.
This special resting spot was specifically for couples. There, you could sit in 
an "Infinity Embrace" with your love one <3

Not being afraid to venture and try the unknown can be a wonderful way to discover
great things in the world. Fear is what many times stops or limits a person from reaching
their full potential and enjoying the beauty of life. We must leave our fears behind and
wake up every day knowing in our hearts that each day is full of wonderful opportunities 
to discover new and amazing things but only if we dare to go out for them <333

Hair: Truth - Mariposa
Dress: Zaraa - Mrinali *Sunshine*
Shoes: Surf Couture - Nantucket Spectators
Photo Location - Fire Beach

Truth Hair

Lately, I have become so obsessed with hair and Truth Hawks has to be absolutely
 one of my favorite hair designers in Second Life at the moment.
I am totally fascinated by his beautiful creations. I have been visiting his store
every day to see what new and amazing styles he has come up with and at this point
I already own eight styles from this incredible designer.

As they say,
"Hair is the frame of the face."
and carefully choosing the right hair for the shape of your face, will help bring out
your best facial features making you look incredibly gorgeous.

These four hairstyles are some of his most recent ones and they each were L$250.
I personally prefer the hairstyles that come with a decorative hair piece, especially
the long hair.

Location ~ Antique Artistry
Model & Photographer Lori Novo

A New Beginning & On My Own

Hello, I am Lori Novo.
I am from the United States of America from the beautiful state of Texas.
I have been blogging for a while about Ameba Pico in my Pico Perfect Blog
where I am known as Sweets*.

My blogging journey started about a year ago when Catero Revolution invited
me to write with him in his PicoStyle Blog. I enjoyed the experience so much that
I soon decided to create my own Pico blog. :)

I decided to begin a Second Life blog more like a personal collection of memories
for myself. I have been exploring some beautiful places and meeting very wonderful
people along the way that I just felt the need to start a journal with many attached photos,
of course, of these very special virtual moments.

Initially, I was thinking of creating this, a private blog. However, my daughter encouraged
me to make it public and have my friends see what is going in my Second Life. Now that I
think about it, sharing it with you is a wonderful idea. I have seen many wonderful blogs and
they are truly amazing! My dream is to one day be at least half as good as those Second Life
bloggers. Maybe with a lot of love and dedication, I will ;)

Let the journey begin...

Hair ~ Truth ~ Mariposa
Dress ~ Zarah ~ Mrinali *Sunshine*
Photo Location ~ Fire Beach
Model & Photographer Lori Novo


On My Own
Posted On June 4, 2011

Letting go of the loving hand that for so long had guided me
through this virtual life was a very hard thing for me to do.
My angel (Catero Revolution) as I call him, was my mentor,
my advisor and my best friend. 
Now that he is no longer part of my life, 
I realize how much he taught me, 
but I also realized how much more there was still 
for me to learn.

I have to say though that I feel mighty proud of myself. 
Now I am becoming stronger and unafraid to learn on my own the
many things that are needed to truly enjoy Second Life to its fullest.
When I stumble upon any problem, I immediately go into "search mode
and I won't rest until the problem is solved or until I find the answer. 
The many wonderful volunteers from Help People Island have also been helping me 
with very useful information and answering my questions when I can't find the 
answers on my own.

It is good and a real blessing to have kind and wonderful friends
that so lovingly are willing to take our hand and help us walk through life. 
However, we must learn not to completely depend on them and be willing to try 
to learn and do things on our own. If we fail to do this, the moment they are gone 
from our lives we will be lost.

Now that I am achieving things on my own, the great feeling
of accomplishment and satisfaction that I get is priceless ;)

*Hair: *Lil's Hair* Sonea
*Dress: *Lil's* Sakura's Blossom
*Shoes: *Lil's* Sakura's Blossom
*Jewelry: *Lil's Jewelry* Ondra
*Photo Location: Mat Sumoto Castle